Everyone has a story. What's yours?
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Singular Stories Leave a Legacy   The unique story of your family or business spans generations. Your experiences are the latest chapter in that narrative, one that will inspire your descendants for decades to come.

What We Do

Whether your goal is to capture a personal, family or business narrative, we can help. We work closely with you to develop a professionally researched and produced chronicle that will be part of your legacy.

Family Memories

Today, many families are scattered around the country, and sometimes around the world. Following their different career paths, focusing on the needs of daily life, they are less in touch with each year that passes, in spite of their good resolutions. The family experiences and lore than once bound them together begins to fade into distant memories, and those ties may become less compelling as older family members pass away.

Business Stories

Businesses and organizations risk losing their origin stories. They grow, adding new staff and broadening their geographic or product focus, taking them further away from their roots. This success may mean that your clients, competitors and the general public—even your own employees—may not fully appreciate how your company achieved all it has.

Enduring Narrative

Every person, every business or organization has a singular story to tell. A story that conveys their legacy and their values and aspirations. Think of your story as an heirloom worth preserving and sharing for generations to come. But you need to start before it’s too late. We can help.

Start the Conversation

Start the Conversation

Where you’ve been teaches you a lot about your destination.

It’s human nature to wonder where we come from: the people, places and events that shape us. That’s the reason many families or organizations pass on stories about the challenges and triumphs faced by their ancestors or predecessors. These narratives can be the most significant legacy a parent or business leader passes down to the next generation.

Why Have A Written History?

Our research shows that those who choose to preserve these legacies attribute their decision to a mixture of five key motivations:

  1. Focusing on their history helps them understand how their past resonates in their lives today
  2. Preserving these stories sharpens a sense of identity and family or organizational unity
  3. Understanding our history reveals what we truly value, and points to ways to stay true to those ideals
  4. Providing them with insights into the resilience, courage and creativity of past generations, and emphasizing these as a source of inspiration
  5. Teaching the next generation about how they fit into the family or organization’s journey

Is it possible to DIY?

Crafting a narrative that honors your family legacy or the history of your business demands a lot of time, energy, and organization. To start with, you will need to articulate your goals for the project, draft a list of the questions you will ask the people you need to interview, schedule times to talk with each person, transcribe those conversations, and collect and catalog documents. Above all, you’ll need to organize all that research and sit down and write.

Life and all its responsibilities can get in the way of all these tasks. An acquaintance of ours began interviewing aging family members and sorting through mounds of photos, documents, and letters. It was slow going, and she felt overwhelmed by all the information Throwing up her hands, she decided to put the project on hold, for “When I have more time.”

The Importance of an Enduring Narrative

“Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave to your friends. It’s the longest-lasting legacy you will leave to your heirs.” — Steve Saint, entrepreneur

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