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Suzanne McGee

Suzanne’s first story, about a cow in Normandy who had lost her sunglasses, was published when she was eight years old. She rapidly shifted her attention to journalism, which gave her a license to ask questions of interesting people about their lives and accomplishments. She pursued her passion for asking questions and writing about the answers throughout her school years in Belgium and Canada, and eventually left her graduate school in Japan to take a job as a copy editor at the Japan Times in Tokyo. Moving back to North America, she joined the Wall Street Journal as a staff reporter, covering everything from diamond mining ventures in Canada to rogue traders on Wall Street from bureaus in Toronto, New York and London. As an independent freelance journalist and editor, she has embarked on projects as diverse as exploring the red-hot contemporary art market, the nature of retirement in the 21st century, and analyzing the reasons behind the near-collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008, which led her to write her first full-length book, “Chasing Goldman Sachs.”

Suzanne also has worked on multi-media journalism projects, including one exploring the evolution of China’s middle class, “Keeping Up With the Wangs”, which won the first Loeb Award for multimedia stories. Since embarking on her freelance career, Suzanne has co-written/ghostwritten two other books and proofread/copyedited a third title. She also has experience working with corporate clients on developing white papers and other materials.

By the time she was old enough to vote anywhere, Suzanne had lived in five countries and acquired two nationalities (U.S. and Canadian). After spending the best part of two decades based in New York, she now hangs her hat in Providence, Rhode Island, sharing digs with her two cats, Sir Fergus the Fat and Minka, both of whom enjoy photo-bombing Zoom meetings.

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